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Remodeling the flooring in your existing home can be both fun and a little overwhelming – that’s where we come in! Carpet Direct and Flooring is here to help make the overwhelming a little more… whelming. A simple remodeling of your carpet, tile or hardwood can add new life to an old, out-of-date room or house. Together we can help give your home the refresh it needs!

The experts at Carpet Direct & Flooring will help you put together a cost-effective plan by helping you make quality flooring decisions. We offer a nice showroom facility that gives our customers the chance to view and feel various flooring products before deciding to purchase them. We understand how seeing something online and in person can be very different. Stop by and see the endless flooring options we have to offer at our showroom.

At Carpet Direct & Flooring, we are here to help you get the best flooring products at the best price. Whether you’re looking to remodel or renovate, we’ve got the products you need! You can trust us to give you the highest quality flooring possible. Give us a call today so that we can help you get that long overdue remodel started now.

Measuring tile flooring